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SUPPORT AFRICA INTERNATIONAL (SAI) is an organization for associated Sub-Saharan African universities with a platform for advice, issues, developments and aims of the African academic world.

SAI offers annually research awards in the areas of sustainable agriculture and biotechnology, ecology and medicine/public health.  

Research results are published in the book series SUPPORT AFRICA INTERNATIONAL, Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the e-book series SUPPORT AFRICA RESEARCH INSTITUTE for Sub-Saharan African Studies.

Selective projects:

  • Subsistence agriculture, food security and health  
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Use of low-input agricultural technologies
  • Inclusive education for women in education
  • Rehabilitation for persons with special handicaps  

The SUPPORT AFRICA RESEARCH INSTITUTE for Sub-Saharan African Studies organizes scientific conferences on interdisciplinary topics.

A conference on the development of non-animal proteins was held from 03.-16.03.2011 with the assistance of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The conference report is available at the Institute free of charge.

The next conference in planning carries the title “Fallows for the use of reforestation for the rain forest and forest management”. The aim of the conference is to focus on the reforestation of the rain forest and the use of timber.